Node Classes

Some zones of APPUiO Cloud provide a set of two more node classes. A node class is a group of nodes having a distinct set of specifications. Those nodes can be optimized for compute, memory, or cost, or they could offer special features like GPU support.

The node classes available on a zone are indicated on the zone listing.

See Choose Node Class on how to schedule your workload on a specific node class.

You will find the characteristics of all node classes explained below. Zones


Flex nodes directly map to flex instances defined by the infrastructure provider. They use CPUs shared with other instances. This allows for short-term load peaks but can occasionally require your workload to wait for CPU time. Workload running on Flex nodes will cost you less (see pricing).

Use this node class for your background jobs, test environments or applications not sensitive to latency.

On an APPUiO Cloud zone running on, your workload will by default be scheduled on flex nodes.


Plus nodes directly map to plus instances defined by the infrastructure provider. Plus nodes have dedicated CPU cores. This gives you consistent performance but will cost you more (see pricing).

The plus node class is probably the right choice for your production frontends, database and other applications sensitive to latency.