Manage Projects and Namespaces

This page explains the various mechanisms available to create OpenShift Projects in APPUiO Cloud.

In Red Hat OpenShift, projects and namespaces can be used interchangeably, except when listing them. Check the corresponding page for more information.

Creating Projects

Through the web console

Click on the Create Project button and fill the form to create a new project.

Through the Command Line

Use the oc new-project command.

Through the API

Use the ProjectRequest resource to create a new project.

In all cases, the new Project is automatically assigned to the default organization of your user. See also Project and Namespace Ownership.

If the user doesn’t have a default organization set, creating a project isn’t possible. See Project and Namespace Ownership.

Creating Namespaces

Namespaces can be created in two ways:

  1. With the command line kubectl create namespace (or oc create namespace)

  2. Through the API, using the Namespace resource.

You can’t create namespaces through the web console.

Namespaces created with any of these mechanisms can be managed just like any other OpenShift projects.

Just like projects, namespaces are assigned to a specific organization using the label. Namespaces without such label will be assigned to the default organization. The code snippet below shows the YAML required to add the label to a new namespace request:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Namespace
  labels: my-company (1)
  name: my-namespace
1 The identifier of your organization must be specified here.
If the user doesn’t have a default organization set, creating a namespace without specifying an explicit organization will fail.

You can also create a new namespace programmatically or in a CI/CD pipeline using a service account. The created namespace will automatically be assigned to the organization owning the namespace in which the service account is located. Check the OpenShift Service Account documentation for more information on how to create and use them.

Project and Namespace Ownership

OpenShift Projects and Namespaces are always assigned to an organization, specified by the label. Check the Organizations and RBAC page for more information.

If your user doesn’t have a default organization configured, you must specify the label when creating the namespace. In this case, creating projects won’t be possible. If you don’t know your default organization name, try this:

  1. Create a new project with a random name. If you get an error, you have no default organization. If you don’t get an error, the label contains the name of your default organization.

  2. Try the command below to see your default organization name:

    $ oc get user "~" -ojsonpath="{.metadata.annotations['appuio\.io/default-organization']}"