Access Logs Through Kibana

This guide describes how to view logs through the Kibana visualization tool.

The index patterns must be configured on first use.

Accessing the Kibana GUI

  1. Navigate to logging.apps.<zone> or click Logging in the console app drawer.

  2. If using the GUI for the first time acknowledge the single sign-on page.

Configure Kibana Index Patterns

  1. Enter app* under Index pattern and click Next Step.

    add index pattern step 1

  2. Choose @timestamp under Time Filter field name and click Create index pattern.

    add index pattern step 2

  3. A new index pattern should have been created and the result should look like this:

    add index pattern result

Discover view

  1. Click Discover in the sidebar

    You should be presented with the discovery view. Select message from Available fields to see the log message.

    discover view